Louisville, KY Area Support Groups

Louisville Support Group - Second Thursday of the month at 7 PM - 9 PM
Kosair Charities, Community Room
982 Eastern Parkway | Louisville, KY

July 13
August 10
September 14
October 12
November 9
December 14

Louisville Caregivers' Support Group
HDSA/Kentucky Chapter Office
Wednesdays 7 PM - 9 PM

June 28
September 27
December 20

10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Crestwood Christian Church
1882 Bellefonte Drive
Lexington, KY 40503

June 17
July 15
August 19
September 16
October 21
November 18
December 16


Owensboro, KY Area Support Groups

Sundays – 2 PM – 4 PM (CDT) Mercy Health Park, Classroom A, 1006 Ford Ave., Owensboro, KY
(Must RSVP)Sundays from 2 PM - 4 PM (central time)

August 6
October 1
December 3

Eastern Kentucky/Ashland Area

Saturday -  2pm – 4pm , Boyd County Public Library
Main Branch Meeting Room - 1740 Central Ave.
Ashland, KY 41101
(For directions only call 606-329-0090)

July 8
August 5
October 4
December 9
Boyd County Library
10 AM- 12 PM

Paducah Support Group

Sundays from 2 PM - 4 PM (Central time) - Lourdes Hospital Campus
Marshall Nemer Pavilion, Borders Room - 1530 Lone Oak Road - Paducah, KY

July 2
September 3
November 5

If you are interested in starting a support group in your area, please contact Cathy Saliga at 502-637-4372 or 1-800-784-3721 (KY 800#). Call Cathy if you have any questions or interests in starting a group.

Please call Cathy Saliga at 502-637-4372 or 1-800-784-3721 (KY 800#) to RSVP and confirm location for all meetings.

In-service Opportunities As chapter social worker, I can provide in-service trainings to educate about Huntington’s disease. Often times, these trainings occur in nursing or long term care facilities. My hope, at these facilities, is to provide consultation and education to the professionals that are caring for individuals with Huntington’s disease and to encourage other facilities to be open to accepting a person with Huntington’s disease into their facility. But people with Huntington’s disease are not only in nursing facilities. Other agencies can also benefit from educational programs on HD. These may include colleges, social service agencies, adult day care programs, work sites, schools, churches and any other group that feels the need to become more knowledgeable about HD. If you are aware of any group that comes in contact with HD that would be interested in or benefit from either an in-service program or in educational materials, please have them contact Cathy Saliga at 502-637-4372 or 1-800-784-3721 (KY 800#).